AsiaFortress Cup 15: Division 1

Week 2: In Good Company vs A%%

Match Comms

Sannyside Today at 2:20 PM
Hi Ruee. Wanted to check if we are playing the match tonight?
My team is ok with playing tonight or postponing.

ruee Today at 3:28 PM
oh yeah 8pm Sunday
so tonight

Sannyside Today at 3:29 PM
So we're playing tonight? Ok. What server are you guys ok with?

ruee Today at 3:29 PM
basically sg servers

Sannyside Today at 3:29 PM
OK. So any serveme server will do? I'll ask Lego to book us one.

ruee Today at 3:29 PM

Sannyside Today at 5:14 PM
Hi ruee. You ok if we play today's match in halloween's TMG server? I've been told the ping there is better than serveme. It's an SG server
ruee Today at 5:16 PM
uh sure
Sannyside Today at 5:16 PM
Thank you! I'll grab the IP for you