AsiaFortress Cup 15: Division 3

Week 1: Coalition vs Teh'O

Match Comms

Hi! What time is an ideal time for us to play our first match? If possible please include a date as well. Our team is free from 8pm onwards.

either 9pm sgt friday or 8.30pm sgt saturday

I have booked Clarity's server this Friday for our afc match. Try ask your team whether they're available for this Friday or not, Catkoi.

If you guys wish to play on Saturday, I can't use Clarity's server cuz no free slot to book. Even I try to book Pure server, Pure server still currently down. In case the Pure server is up again, let me know about it.

Alright most oy m teammates have agreed on playing Friday except for my medic which is yet to respond so i'll be keeping in contact with Nettlebane to confirm the friday match.

Confirmed match to be played on friday 5th 8:30pm gmt+8 On clarity's server

That was an amazing match guys! Good Game guys!

During 2nd map on Snake water
1 merc was used (5 charges left)
Player : aura

(he's actually part of my team as a sub but he's not part of active roster due to my own mistake.)

Not part of the active roster was due me being an idiot and being new to

Gullwash Coalition lost to Teh'O, 1 to 3