Match.tf is a tournament hosting system, crafted just for TF2.

We provide a complete and free service that will help you to run a competition of any size: from 1-night cups to LANs and competitive leagues. We have tournament brackets, rosters, divs, easy pick/ban system, match scheduling, medal distribution helper and much more.

Yes, that means you no longer need to keep track of your participants if you are lucky enough to be given an ability of medal distribution.

You no longer need to ask captains to report scores in Discord (seriously, it's 2018 right now!).

  • Log into the site

    Use Steam to sign up, no additional actions required.

  • Hop in our Discord server

    No, you don't have to. But this site is currenly in beta state. Which means that not everything might be self-explanatory and work as expected. We try to provide as much documentation as possible, but you are always free to ask if you need any kind of help. Plus, you get a unique possibility to chat with other tournament hosts!

  • Create your first tournament

    Go to "Tournaments" > "Create new tournament" (or simply click here if you are lazy). Fill in all the required fields and make sure you are ready to face the responsibility of maintaining a tournament you are about to create.

  • Advertise, review signups and run!

    Once you have your tournament parameter "Signuppable" active, captains that have teams fulfilling your tournament requirements will be able to sign their teams up. Don't forget to review signups regularly.

    When you think you have enough teams, close signups and start generating rounds or matches.

  • Log into the site

    Use Steam to sign up, no additional actions required.

  • Create or join a team

    Go to the "Teams" page, press the "Start team" button. You can invite your friends into your team by clicking on the "Invite" button on the team page.

    Alternatively, if you want to join an existing team, ask captain to invite you. You will recieve a site notification once you are invited.

  • Find a tournament

    Find a tournament you are interested in. Please notice, we are not responsible for anything that happenes within tournaments hosted on this site. If you have any questions, please contact a corresponding tournament host.

    Once you have opened a tournament page, read through the rules and participation requirements, then click on the "Sign up" button. If you are a captain of the team that has enough players to participate, you'll be able to enter the competition and create a roster.

  • Wait for an approval and your matches

    A tournament admin will now go through your team application and confirm your signup. Be sure to check the site from time to time to stay updated with your tournament status. You will now recieve notifications for your new matches, match comments and many other things.

Yes, go to your tournament page, press "Manage" and scroll down to the "Manage Permissions" part.

This will give the user a full control of the tournament, exactly the same as you have.

No, you'll need to ask your participants to use server providers such as serveme.tf or cpu.tf.

We currently have most of the popular game mode maps available, but sadly not all of them.

Hop into our Discord server. Ping a @Staff member in the #host-general channel, we'll happily and quickly add your map.

Yes, we can't possibly imagine and list all the maps that were ever made. We do have a feature to add maps in mind.

We currently have most of the popular game modes available.

But if you are looking for something else, feel free to ping @Staff in #host-general. We'll add your game mode right away.

We provide all the support in our Discord server. If you have any questions, feel free to ping @Staff.

Got any suggestions on how to improve the site? Hit us up!