01/10/2018 08:01

PSA & Public beta is now live

We are glad to announce that we are finally done with hiding the potential of this service behind the wall of closed beta.

Everyone is now free to host and run their tournaments on match.tf.
This does not mean we have stopped working on improving the site. Yes, it is still not perfect, there are so many things we have to improve (thanks to you, everyone who participated in the closed beta and actively shared their feedback).

We would also love to make an announcement. From the boring service we have slowly evolved into an organization.
We have a lot of stuff planned, including: hosting community events with a team of volunteers from all around the world, supporting other events, providing tournament support for community cups and charity events and way more!
As the first step, we have acquired Rally Call - a community event contributing to International Animal Rescue. We will be running the next and all the future events from now on (along with the past team of valuable community members).

Be sure to follow us on Twitter to never miss latest news and updates.

A brief list of site changes:

  • As you may have already noticed, we have changed the color scheme in favor of dark colors. You can still experience minor design flaws (and we encourage you to report those to us!)
  • Not only the colors, but the site layout is now better, easier to use and less painful to work with
  • All confusing tournament parameters not have captions next to them
  • That awful line web in tournament brackets is now gone. See the team progress over the rounds by hovering your mouse on its' name.
  • User profiles now display a list of tournaments they hosted
  • Timezone support. Set to your desired timezone in your profile
  • Fixed a notification bug when sending a match notification to teams with the long name was impossible
  • Try not to drop your uber when you face an error page
  • Tournament admins can now remove their tournaments
  • Match comments by tournament admins now display a "Tournament admin" notice next to their name
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to generate matches without match number
  • You can now upload tournament banners directly to our site
  • Fixed a lot of other minor bugs that could throw a site error (they, however, may still occur)

30/07/2018 06:50

Closed beta is now live

This day is the day when match.tf sees the light of day.

Did you know?

Team and roster is not the same thing. Team is a simple collection of players united under a team title. Teams can fit in an unlimited amount of players. Roster is a selection of players from one team that are signing up for a tournament. When team captain signs up for a competition, he draws players from the team (Player Pool) and places them into a roster. Rosters are limited to whatever tournament settings say. Why is it so complicated you may ask? It's actually simple and flexible at the same time. Have a large company of players who play sixies, prolander and highlander? Form a big team and participate in various tournaments under the same team title.

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